DAY 2, February 13
16:00 - 16:45

Track E

Senior Cloud Architect
DoiT International


My day-to-day work is a Cloud Architect, consulting companies on how to build cloud-native services. I also maintain several open-source projects; Pumba (chaos testing for Docker) is the most popular one. In my previous roles, I worked at K8s CI/CD company CodeFresh and before led ALM BU architecture (QualityCenter, Agile PM, LoadRunner, StormRunner and other projects) at HPE. Any other info about you: Certified AWS and Google Cloud Architect

SPEECH: Chaos Testing for Docker Containers

All systems fail from time to time. And your software system will fail too. Take this as a fact of life. There will always be something that can — and will go wrong. Traditional testing disciplines and tools do not provide a good answer to how does your distributed system behave when unexpected stuff happens in production. Chaos Testing is the testing approach of introducing failures into a software system in production and evaluating the system's capability to withstand turbulent and unexpected conditions. This talk will demonstrate how to use Pumba to introduce chaos such as service instability, unresponsiveness, unavailability, latency and random network and process failures into any container in a completely transparent manner.