DAY 2, February 13
15:00 - 15:45

Track B

CEO & founder


37 years in SW engineering, Testing, Quality and Agile Transformation Any other info about you: An international speaker, member of a few meetups about agile in Israel, founder of ISTQB in Israel, founder of the SIGiST forum of SW testing in Israel, Dale Carnegie Trainer (effective communication), an agile coach. Сertifications & positions: Certified Agile LeSS Practitioner, ISTQB® Marketing Chair, ITCB® Co-founder, Vice President and Marketing Director, SIGiST Israel Forum Founder and Chair , ISTQB® Certified Agile Tester & Advanced Certified Agile Technical Tester & Syllabus co-author, Certified Scrum Master, Certified System Analyst
ISTQB® Certified Advanced Level Test Manager, ISTQB® Certified Advanced Level Test Analyst, TMMi Assessor (pending), Certified CMMi QE , Certified ISO-9000 Lead Assessor, Certified Mobile Application Tester (CMAP)

SPEECH: 10 Top Fatal Mistakes in Implementing Scrume

When helping companies in their agile transitioning (Scrum), I found out they tend to start correctly, but short time after (usually short time after the coach is coming less and less), they 'loosen up', deviate, and get back to old (and deadly to agile) habits.
It is then when things start to go bad: processes not followed (completely changed!), decisions made are taking teams backwards, changing very important scrum aspects back to waterfall, etc. In this presentation, Alon Linetzki will discuss the top-ten of those fatal mistakes, and decisions, and how they might affect results, quality and testing.