DAY 2, February 13
15:00 - 15:45

Track C

Automation Framework TL, QA Director
Automation Developers, Any


Originating as a test automation developer for over 15 years, now focusing on creating scale-able quality-oriented R&D workflow and automation frameworks architecture from scratch.
My Imperative is to work with teams and organizations, enabling them to elevate their quality game by giving them the tools and support they need in the now and for the future.

SPEECH: Test Automation Framework as a Product

In a world where most growing companies (small-mid sized) are getting into test automation, they usually end up with a single person doing both tests and framework as a single project to build up the project from scratch as quick as possible.
This presents difficulties in the later stages, as automation efforts grow and develop with the company’s needs.
Such challenges can be mostly avoided when treating the test automation framework, not only as a full fledged software project, but as a product.