DAY 2, February 13
14:00 - 14:45

Track A

Gil Zilberfeld
Testing and Development Consultant


Gil Zilberfeld has been in software since childhood, writing BASIC programs on his trusty Sinclair ZX81. With more than twenty years of developing commercial software, he has vast experience in software methodology and practices.

Gil has been applying agile principles for product development more than a decade. From automated testing to exploratory testing, design practices to team collaboration, scrum to kanban, traditional product management to lean startup – he’s done it all. He is still learning from his successes and failures.

Gil speaks frequently in international conferences about unit testing, TDD, agile practices and product management. He is the author of "Everyday Unit Testing", blogs at, co-organizer of the Agile Practitioners conference and in his spare time he shoots zombies, for fun.

SPEECH: Real Life Test Maintenance

Automated tests are code too, and as such, we're obliged to not only make them functionally correct, we need to maintain them. In TDD we're told that refactoring the code is an important step in the process. Refactoring tests is also part of the job.

In this session, we'll go over anti-patterns in automated tests. We'll talk about code smells in tests - things that probably shouldn't keep the way they are. Smells like duplication, inaccurate naming, inaccurate asserts, leaky tests and more. But mostly, how to refactor them to make them more readable, accurate and understandable for other humans. After all, they are going to stay with us for a long time.

Since we're investing so much in automated tests, we need to make sure that our teammates, not to mention our future selves, can continue using tests with ease. If "Test maintenance" is bringing you down, it's time to get your hands dirty.