DAY 2, February 13
14:00 - 14:45

Track C

Oleksandr Romanov
Software Engineer in Test


I Main professional activity of Oleksandr is dedicated to making test automation efforts more effective and engineers more productive. He has 8+ years of experience implementing test automation solutions at Sitecore, Soft Serve and Deutsche Bank.

Right now, Oleksandr works as Lead Software Engineer in Test at Playtika - helping to make UI, API and microservice level automation more scalable and reliable.

Twitter handle: @al8xr

SPEECH: Contract testing: from idea to concrete implementation

In my talk I will introduce the idea of contract testing: what it is, where it is applicable and what it is required to start work with such kind of testing.

I will share concrete steps on how to implement contracts and tests for different communication channels and how to integrate it to delivery pipeline of the application.