DAY 2, February 13
12:00 - 12:45

Track C

Tomer Cohen
Software Engineer in Test
Deep instinct


I have five years of experience as a software engineer.

I design and build automation tools and framework from scratch.

Any other info about you: * TestIL meetup group co-organizer

* I have spoken in many conferences and meetups including the official Appium conference 2019 in india

SPEECH: Testing our test automation framework

Automation is sometimes done as an afterthought, this usually leads to failure.

Maintaining The automation suite can be tough and a strong infrastructure can help with that.

But, even when there is an automation infrastructure, people are still having hard time maintaining it and running it with confidence and trust.

This talk is about how looking at the automation as proper code and testing the automation framework can help us to solve these problems, when we should do this, how much it is actually worth to invest in, and how we can start doing it.