DAY 2, February 13
12:00 - 12:45

Track A

Yossi Rosenberg
Automation tech lead
Middle, Professional


Yossi Rosenberg holds a BSc in computer science from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo and a DevOps certification from Ness College.

After a short period as a web developer for a bank, along with some freelance work, Yossi switched to the field of Automation Development working for Applied Materials for 2 years on a multidisciplinary systems. Later on he worked for ״Thomson Reuters״ as an automation infrastructure developer for 2.5 years and eventually became intrigued with the challenges of mobile automation and moved to Gett as an automation tech lead for the mobile team.

During these times, Yossi constantly explores various automation infrastructure ideas and frameworks on many platforms (API, Web-UI, Mobile, Latency and performances, and more).

The lecturer is an automation enthusiastic excited by exploring new technologies and methodologies to make the automation process as efficient, functional, and low-maintenance as can be.

SPEECH: Tests relevancy solution

While talking about test automation infrastructure describing 3 approaches. 1 of the approaches seems to be a very strong test automation infrastructure fr a "fast and shallow" testing orientation only there is a big problem about it. many test created and soon we are overloading with a giant amount of tests who a big part of them not relevant (duplications, non relevant feature etc).We will present a solution for this problem.